Bangkok can rightly claim to be one of the most exhilarating and exciting cities in Asia, if not on the whole planet.

Fast paced, fast growing, chaotic, it is truly a city that never sleeps and never fails to dazzle. Prepare to have your senses attacked by the riot of colours, tastes, smells, sights and sounds you will meet... as well as the heat! Not only of the climate, but of the local cuisine – those fiery chillies will catch you unaware, sometime, someplace! Memories of the City of Angels will remain with you long after you depart back to the cold winter nights of your own home.

The city’s skyline seems to change in the blink of an eye with the mushrooming of tall skyscrapers across the city offering new office, residential and hotel facilities to the city’s ever increasing population and its visitors. New transportation infrastructure developments appear to deal with the thorny problem of traffic congestion that plague many of the world’s metropolises. Ultra-cool shopping malls rise up cheek by jowl with markets, street food stalls and souvenir street side shopping areas that have been there for decades. New chic boutique and designer hotels sprout all over the city, jostling for space with the old favourites that have serviced customers for decades. In amongst all this are countless restaurants offering the widest variety of cuisines imaginable from around the globe, with bars clubs and nightlife to wear out the hardiest of party goers. Bangkok has a flourishing cultural scene with excellent theatres, museums, art galleries, as well as modern Cineplex complexes showing the latest blockbusters on gigantic IMAX screens to small theatres showing art house movies.

Yet in amongst this mayhem of modern life, come find and discover the unseen and quieter parts of the city. In the older historic quarters, and within the precincts of its many majestic palaces and temples, the proud history and legacy of this ancient land, its history, religion, customs, tradition and culture remain seemingly undisturbed by the passage of time and the modern technological revolution taking place all around.

Bangkok has been Thailand’s capital city for the past 235 years and has an estimated population of between 10 to 14 million people. Winding its way through the capital is the Chaophraya River. Number one on everyone’s must-see attraction list is the Royal Grand Palace where the architecture is awe inspiring and breathtaking. Take in the sights at other important temples across the city. Try a long tail boat ride on the canal network to see Thailand’s water borne way of life that has existed for centuries. Get lost in the maze of stalls at the Weekend Market where anything and everything is for sale. Try all the various ways of mixing with the locals and getting about from the Skytrain to a local tuk tuk. Take a trip a little further afield to the Floating Market or to the Bridge over the River Kwai.

However long you book your Bangkok stay for, it’s never enough. Add on one extra day! You won’t regret it!

Bangkok - Asia at its best. A city for everyone, for every taste. Just magic!

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