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Ayutthaya Day Tour
Ayutthaya Day Tour

Further upriver from Bangkok lies Ayutthaya the once proud and ancient capital city of Siam for 5 centuries, until the Burmese razed it to the ground in 1767. So much was destroyed, so many treasures lost that historians liken the Burmese attack as the equivalent of the Atomic Bomb over Hiroshima. What remains of this ancient capital is now lovingly preserved, and on our tour we will visit a few of the ancient temples and palaces within the old city walls. Nearby is the more modern Summer Palace of Bang Pa In built by King Rama V, where you can tour several of the pavilions and buildings within the grounds. We will also visit Her Majesty the Queen's Project, the Bang Sai Arts and Crafts Centre

This private tour tour by road offers more options for sightseeing in Ayutthaya, and more time to spend at the attractions that would interest you

Additional options available at extra cost where you can pay for them on the spot would include hiring a long tail boat to see the city from the river, hiring bicycles, or elephant rides.

Ayutthaya Day Tour
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