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Siam Niramit
Siam Niramit

Siam Niramit is a truly amazing spectacular show based on Thailand's cultural heritage, featuring a gigantic stage, over 100 performers, with lavish costumes, stunning sets & amazing special effects. This show is well worth a visit!

The first act of the show is a historical look at all 4 regions of the Kingdom and their influences on Thai culture. The second act pays a visit to the 3 realms central to Thai beliefs: heaven, hell and a mythical forest that lies in between the other two. And the final act is to show some of the important & popular festivals in Thailand.

The lavish effects are quite extraordinary like the presence of real water on the stage: you will see a Thai villager jump into a pool to bathe on stage, and a floating market where the boats are rowed across the front of the stage, and later during a recreation of the loy krathong festival, the villagers float their krathongs in the 'river' at the front of the stage. Quite amazing!

Siam Niramit's gates open at 17:30, and there's plenty to explore before the show starts at 20:00. A tasty Thai & Western buffet dinner is served at the restaurant from 17:30 to 19:45 hrs The other main attraction within the grounds is the Village of the Four Regions with traditional wooden houses from the four rural areas of Thailand highlighting their lifestyle, arts and crafts Also available are Traditional Thai Massage, Outdoor performances, Elephant rides and shops

Siam Niramit
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Siam Niramit + Dinner
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