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Bangkok Night Tour
Bangkok Night Tour

A Bangkok experience with one of our guides, using Public Transportation

Here we take you on a tour in the early evening to experience Bangkok in a different way to a normal tour. Our guide will take you on all sorts of interesting transportation: the Skytrain, River Taxi, a Tuk Tuk, a normal Taxi, and a river ferry

Sights and sounds that you will see include:

Visiting the grounds of the impressive Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn, after it has closed for the day. This temple is an iconic image of Bangkok. But you will see it after all the crowds have gone: floodlit and quiet, the only sound being the tinkling temple bells in the early evening breeze.

Crossing the river we will visit the amazing Pak Klong Talat fresh flower market. This market operates 24 hours a day, but somehow it looks its best in the evening hours as the deliveries of fresh flowers and orchids arrive from up country. We will stroll through the market where colourful exotic orchids are piled waist deep on the pavements. You will see garland makers busy at work making beautiful Thai garlands for the many ceremonies that lie ahead the following day. And beyond the flower market there is the fresh fruit and vegetable markets to explore.

We then take a taxi to the Central World area of town where we take a look at some of the shrines in the area where the local people strongly believe their wishes can be granted: at the Erawan Shrine people pray for good fortune, and the Trimurti Shrine, people pray for love.

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